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Thursday, December 9th, 2004
8:03 pm
me= happy...
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
11:33 am
I HATE FINALS WEEK!!! ugggh! im so sick of reading and studying. i don't have time for this crap. i can't wait for this week to be over. ...so those are my feelings and me taking a lil break. lol! :)
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
11:27 pm
sitting here thinking
so im just sitting here waiting to go out. lol! the things i think are crazy, seriously! i won't even bother posting them here cuz id be afraid of finding this entry days later and thinking im weird! :) christmas break should be amazing. i can't wait to put the finishing touch on my gift-buying. i think its so much fun!!! im in a super good mood just thinking about it and all the other things coming up. im jaming here in my room since all my roommates have gone out...at least i hope so. if they are here then they're probably sleeping and i have just woken them up. i hope tonight is fun. i hope something really funny happens. that would be great! i hope i have some money left over after christmas so i can buy crazy clothes in the m i a. the stuff we got there just doesn't seem to compare to anywhere else. one of my co-workers was telling me that she wanted to go shopping and asked me if i had ever heard of forever 21. i was like, are you kidding?!? lol! makes me smile just thinking about it. north carolina countdown: 10 days. can't wait to see the fam. finals week is gonna suck. i think i can manage tho. i feel bad for people that have it way worse than me. ok so anyways, im getting bored of lj already. have to go.

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
12:22 pm
the place where dreams die vs. the place where ulcers form
so im in comp class looking up crap online since my account isn't working for my comp quiz. oh well i guess ill just be here all day. lol! maya's isn't working either. i really wanna take a class with her next semester. i think id miss her way lots if i didn't see her at least once a week. its fun to talk about crap in class and never really pay attention. do you see what my wonderful ed-u-ma-ca-tion is getting me. how awesome is that. i decided that if i could save up money it would be a good idea to study abroad one semester. maybe senior year or something. that would be good. out to try my quiz again...
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
9:45 am
time of your life
whooo hooo! i finally got my internet to work!!! yea! now all i have to do is figure out how to upload my comp project to my website. if i dont get this i get a zero on the project i worked so hard on!
i hate the BEST day yesterday (sunday)!! i definitely had the "time of my life"! lol! it was great! i got to have thanksgiving dinner at the church thats connected to my pre-school. im so happy i had the opportunity to have thanksgiving dinner with some amazing people. isn't it funny how sometimes things work out but at first you can't realize why they are like that and then they end up way better than you ever could have thought. i have been so blessed even when sometimes i don't think so i get blindsided into seeing things for what they are. i got to eat dinner with these amazing little old people and friends i definietly needed to spend more time with. a bunch of my kids were there and it was great. lol, i think some of them were confused since i wasn't wearing my uniform. one of the teachers there told me that one day that i got to go to work in normal clothes all the kids were asking who i was. they are so cute!!! i got a dinner invite by wendy which was equally amazing and i am definitely looking forward to a home cooked meal! i told her i would be one of her kids for the day! :) it was amazing to be in such a good environment too. lol, i had a great convo with the lady sitting next to me in which she confirmed my thoughts and told me some things i definitely needed to hear. isn't it great how people are placed in your life at the exact right moment?!? i also got invited to a sunday lunch that i am thinking about taking up the offer. im so glad i decided to go and its nice to know that i wouldn't have been super uncomfortable if i didn't go with anyone either cuz there were a lot of people there that i knew. overall, i was a wonderful experience and left me in the best of spirits. everybody needs that once in a while. :)
only a couple days til the real thanksgiving and it should be super fun. can't wait to see all my friends. this time of year is the best cuz everyone is home at the same time. we're already making plans to get together. there are some things i need to do when im home but most of all i just want to relax.
i guess its time to get back to my hw since i've been wasting the morning away. we'll just say i was killing time til i could put this project on the web. yea, we'll just say that. it makes me feel more productive! :)

Current Mood: super dee duper ecstatic
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
12:32 pm
holiday life
so i woke up way too late this morning but i guess i needed the sleep. only problem is that i have a ton of homework which really sucks. and sunday i have my dinner which i am REALLY excited about. i have to bring something and am not sure exactly what to bring especially since i have to bring in bulk. im in such a good mood just looking forward to all the awesome thing i have ahead of me. thanksgiving is definitely a plus! and just the holidays in general make me happy when i think about all the fun im gonna have and all the stuff i have to do and people i get to hang out with. i can't wait for the noche buena and new years parties. i can't wait to buy christmas presents!!! i have no clue what to buy my mom, david j., or my dad. basically this lj entry is just a means of procrastination to not do homework but i guess its time to start getting to it since it'll still be there no matter what and i'll end up just freaking out if i leave it all til the last minute.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
6:44 pm
today i had a fantabulous day. yes thats a word. its my word. i've been updating way lots and thats sorta weird. but anywho...my fantabulous day. yes. so thats that. i dont even know why it was fantabulous, it just was. i hope i have more like it. maybe cuz it was the first day in almost a week i didn't wanna die cuz of this stupid cold i have. don't get me wrong. i still feel crappy just maybe not as bad. plus im looking forward to this weekend. im not sure why yet cuz i don't have any amazing plans. i wish i was going to jocelyn's b-day party but i can't. it makes me happy enough that she got my package and that she liked it. :) im looking forward to sunday. it should be good and that makes me happy. i also am looking forward to thanksgiving break where i finally get to see everyone all at once. it should be amazing. hopefully no fights this time. lol!!! im kinda hungry but i really don't wanna cook cuz i have no idea what i want to eat. it makes me happy that i don't have any hw or studying for tomorrow. so i can go to sleep as soon as i want. but i have way lots of stuff to do this weekend. it should be fine tho since i have no plans. i have a better grip on my schedule now so thats good too. not exacltly what i wanted but good enough. and im getting closer to having 60 credits and satisfying all my gen eds which is amazing. i think i might be staying summer here which is fine since then i won't have to bail on work before the school year is done. :) i found my sergot grandmother at work. i want to adopt her. shes so funny! off to find something for dinner before it gets even later...hope everyone else has fantabulous days also. everyone deserves one now and then! :) :) :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
8:08 pm
my new jam:
(the current cd in my car) :)
"Ohhhh I can only be myself
I'm sorry that's hell for you
Heyyy so what's my damage today
Don't let me get in your way
Let it out like you always do
The trouble between me and you
Is nothing new

So I listen to you complain and then
I bite my tongue in vain again
As I let it all just slowly settle in
Such a pretty picture that you paint
I'm so vow while your a saint
Funny how your eyes see thick not thin

Ohhhh I can only be myself
Your lookin for someone else
Heyyy so what's my damage today
Don't let me get in your way
Let it out like you always do
The trouble between me and you
Is nothing new

You know how to give but you can't take it
It's all just a waste now you can save it
No matter what I do
Is never good enough, never good enough"

Current Mood: tired
Monday, November 15th, 2004
7:55 pm
isn't it amazing how sometimes the right people just seem to tell you the right thing at the exact awesome moment that you need to hear it. to baggy and jocelyn if you ever read this- i love you!!! i wish somehow i could ever relate how i feel towards them and many others. maybe some day they will know what they mean to me.

Current Mood: loved
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
8:56 am
this stuff called life
so i got to see alex and i decided that i missed him more than i thought. hes so cute. i told him i would be stopping by and in one of his trips home he brought up my pillow from home and a sleeping bag. he let me sleep in his bed while he got the floor. it was very nice of him. i cleaned his bathroom counter. his place is almost unlivable. its so grose! i slept remarkable well there and woke up to the sound of the most annoying alarm clock ever!!! i called joc cuz i miss her and got to talk to baggy also. what a deal!!! :) i got to hang out with torry which made me happy and she gave me the best/funniest advice ever! i have to fix my comp still...we'll see if that even gets done. my dad gave me a huge check to take my braces off which made me sooo happy you don't even believe. now my mom doesn't have to worry about it. i guess my little talk with him actually sank in. hes been really great with me and it makes me really happy that things are like that. he told me the other day that he knew i could do anything i set my mind to. in a weird way it was nice to hear. i got to have my "therapy time" with mrs. king. i love that lady like you wouldn't believe. i've already decided that she will be talking in my wedding. lol!!!! my biggest and best memory was sitting in the chair by her desk telling her how scared i was to get certified and dive in the ocean. after i actually did it and told her how well i did she was sooo excited and genuinly happy for me. :) shes an amazing person and helps me to realize that there are still good people in this world. now i might go see hana if shes not too busy and hang out and finally get all my scrapbooking stuff i ordered forever and a day ago. it doesn't even matter cuz i don't know when i'll have time to do it until christmas break. speaking of christmas i need to figure out what to buy everyone. that'll be fun! so...now im off for my day of excitement and fun.
oh and ps- i might be leaving lj permanently. i am thinking about it....
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
12:04 pm
comp class
so im sitting here in my comp class doing nothing. i have class the wed. before thanksgiving and that sucks. oh well i wouldn't have been able to leave until wed morning anyway so i might just come anyway. i surprisingly miss alex a lot. i think i might go to visit him some time soon. we'll see how that works out. i have to think about registering for classes. i have a bunch that i could take i just have to see which ones will fit into and work best with my schedule and make sure that i have time to work. if i don't keep my job for next semester i definitely can't stay here....or i just can't eat. lol. so im really excited about this weekend. i wanna talk to torry and baggy really badly. baggy seems like she's dealing with a lot right now. i can relate. i will always love both of them no matter what happens. i've known baggy for so long and i have realized what it is like to be a real friend. i have sat back and watched her change and grow up and yet even if i didn't exaclty have anything in common with her at the time, i just waited for her, letting her know that i would always be there for her. its nice to have people like her. i know that she will always be there and really does care. its nice to know. i wanna see torry's new room. wow for real, this computer class sucks! im here trying to learn something that i got completely wrong in my assignment. its sad that i don't really care anyways. so im off to try and learn something and make my money here count for something.
Monday, October 25th, 2004
9:42 pm
love, hate, and life
i love it when someone in my apartment building washes clothes because it makes the hall smell like laundry.
i hate it when i walk into my apartment and im all alone or even when someones here cuz its still like im alone.
i loved this weekend.
i hated when it ended.
i just got back from a bridal shower from one of the girls at my work. wow, what a trip! those ladies are soooo funny! :) the theme: penises. penis cups and penis straws. the teacher i work with is so fricken perverted its hilarious!!! she was making all these amazing comments and its so weird cuz shes old! and all these other women were like that that i really didn't expect! lol! it was great. so now im sitting here eating the candy necklace they gave us there. ha! it was funny! those are some pretty interesting women.
im super tired. i should be showering or doing computer work.
i hate tuesdays. i don't want tomorrow to come.
i have no appetite.
i hope i can find a phone since mine sucks.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
12:51 pm
if i didn't know me i'd think i was crazy
so here are some of my thoughts. i kinda am hoping danny reads my lj cuz he makes me feel better about these stupid things i think about. so when i was waiting for the metro at home with my mom this weekend i pass a guy with a briefcase cover by a garbage bag since it was raining. so, of course i start to think about the fact that he must have all these tools in it in which he will use to kill me with! lol! sigh...i have to laugh cuz if not i'll cry. there was something else i thougth that was super crazy but i don't remember anymore. erik comes up this weekedend and im pretty excited about that. i kinda have a lot of stuff to do tho but its all good cuz he has hw too. :) torry is coming tomorrow i think to go to horror nights. i hope i get to see her. i should cuz i don't have work thurs or fri. whoo hoo! i just gotta do some stuff before erik gets here...like clean my room!!! OH! i remember the other thing that was crazy that i was thinking! so this morning im eating breakfast with my roommate. surprise, surprise. they are never there. so she leaves to do some errands before work and im sitting there in the kitchen all alone and its so quiet!!! so im sitting there telling myself that i can do this whole sitting in the silence alone thing...and then i break and i get up to turn the tv on. i cant stand the silence! its deafening!!! have you ever been in a room alone where it is so quiet that its almost loud?!?! well, yea, these are the things i think in my solitude. lol! i found out my friend vero has lj too and that makes me happy. if she reads this i think she should definitely tell me if anyone else we know has it. that would definitely be cool!....so anyways...yea...

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, October 7th, 2004
8:25 pm
i had the BEST day at work today...well possibly the best day in general. the people there are so fricken amazing. i feel so blessed to be in the situation i am in right now. it sometimes makes me wonder why i ever question anything and how i can ever complain. just when i think things are not that great something shows up to prove me otherwise. my boss is the nicest/sweetest lady ever and the girls i work with are awesome! they make it so much easier! sigh...so anyways...i think i have a lot of things to do this weekend which kinda sucks but w/e im sure it'll all even out. i get my first paycheck tomorrow! :) i miss the fam. lol! kinda funny but i do. when i daydream i think about all the cool things i could do with the extra rooms in my dad's house. i wanna go to disney world. erik is amazing and super understanding about everything pretty much now. im glad we're both learning to compromise so im not such a bitch and so he trusts me more. i think we just both grew up a lot since last year. maybe we needed that tho. :) i miss him lots! im so fricken happy right now. i had the best day ever and im pretty happy about that. i seriously woke up with a smile on my face and i have no idea why! today was also a beautiful day so that helped out a lot! im starting to get bored of this whole lj thing so we'll see where i go with that. it might be the death of lj. im not sure if im super ready to let it die yet tho. we shall see... :)

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
8:48 pm
hmmmm...where do i begin?? i hope this weekend turns out good and its super fun...no matter what i end up doing. im not even really sure why i still have this lj thing. seems kinda pointless huh? well, maybe not...okk so yea it is. work is going pretty well. i mean im not gonna lie, not every day is like a walk in the clouds, but for the most part its good. i really like all the people there that i work with. im looking forward to my first paycheck on friday. i just hope i budget my money well and don't blow it all away super fast. i talked to maya for super long last night and it was amazing. i love her so much. shes a great friend. its funny how sometimes certain circumstances and situations require you to look at your friends in different lights. someitmes you find out the true ones and the ones that were never really there. its interesting to see who is really there for you when you need them. i guess thats the bright side of when things don't go so great. i talked to baggy about this the other day and realize that she is among the highest type of friend: the "when the shit hits the fan friend". those are the ones that even tho you might not talk to them all the time, they are there when you really and truely need them...and that is all that really matters. i talked to my dad a lot today too. i miss him. hes an intersting man. :) i just wish i got to see him more. cuz even when i go down its not like i get to see him a whole lot since i don't live with him or anything. well my mind is wandering and i've lost all traces of anything remotely important that i wanted to say. so thats it...the end.

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
11:04 pm
so this weekend was pretty good. i was super tired like usual. i get my paycheck this week. at least i should. im watching a special on the food network about the food in disney and im wishing i was there soooo badly! im trying not to get too excited but deep down inside i really am but my friend kara might come to orlando this weekend and we might do to disney w/ her family. well, she was planning on going with her family and i kinda invited myself. oh and joc and juan and cristy and mark are all coming to orlando this weekend for horror nights. this is the popular weekend to go i assume. i've heard so many people are going! i had so much work to do this weekend it was crazy. i did most of it but im gonna have to do on monday. im planning on calling in work and seeing if its cool if i go in a little later. work is going pretty well and for the most part its fun. i like the people there a lot but sometimes it gets to be a lot when the kids don't listen. but im learning what they respond to so its all good, ya know. i really wanna buy this really cheesy 80's movie but when i went out best buy was already closed. maybe its better and if i wait til i get paid then i won't have to be so worried if i don't have any money for more important things. well im already bored of lj so....

Current Mood: peaceful
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
2:11 pm
wow i haven't updated this thing in so long that they changed the format to update in! crazy! so my weekend was pretty good. i can't complain at all. well most of it was spent with erik and every weekend with erik is a good weekend. he keeps me sane sometimes! :) so friday was fun. i went to the movies and talked and stuff. and then decided to leave from the hurricane super last minute w/ jodie. it just worked out really well. this weekend i got to spend time with erik and talk to my mom about a bunch of stuff which was good. i also got to see torry and have breakfast with her. i miss her lots. it was great to talk to her and share our crazy stories. oh and i hung out with eriks friends which are amazing. some people, however continue to disappoint me which only perpetuates my feelings about "friends". ha. i think i secretly hate them. how can people just forget about you and drop you just like that? hmmm? whatever. life happens. so i hope i don't have an ucler. last night i had some hardcore stomach aches! it was sooooo bad! i've never ever felt something like that before. i guess i just have to watch what i eat more now to heal whatever is going on in there. :( oh well. so i hope this weekend is fun. i miss disney. i wanna go soooo badly! im not sure if i wanna go to halloween horror nights. that was pretty intense last year. ok, i have to stop rambling now. oh...ps im super duper excited that work got canceled today cuz now i have time to study for my humanities test which is tonight.

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
12:13 pm
another day in computer class...this class is a waste of time. its sad that i am fairly lost in this class too. maya is my personal teacher! :) i love her. im starting to feel a little worse. that sucks! i hate feeling sick...:( and...today's my first day of work!!!! YAY! the people there are soooo nice! im trying to not get my hopes up cuz i don't want it to suck and then i made this big deal for nothing. lol! but anyways im excited! i have to go home after class and eat lunch super fast and then head on over for my very first day. i just hope i don't start to feel worse. i might take a sudafeed. we'll see... anywho... im sorry i missed jodies lil b-day bash. sounds like it was very eventful! :) well this weekend i spent most of my time reading for my humanities class and come to find out i didn't really have to. oh well. i surprised erik and took him scubadiving for his b-day at john pennekamp. it was pretty cool. there were way too many mosquitos there! the dive was cool tho. since i was starting to get a little sick it was kinda hard to equalize which made it a little sucky. but all in all it was nice. i was glad i got to do something nice for him. so this weekend i have to go to this volunteer orientation for give kids the world in kissimee. that kinda sucks but oh well. maybe it'll give me something else thats cool to do maybe on the weekend. i think it kinda sucks that i didn't really get to see anyone this weekend. gotta go do stuff in this stupid class........
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
11:54 pm
so im really happy about the fact that i am home alone and still super happy and really ok with that. i am quite content watching my best friend's wedding by myslef. this is something that i freaked out about when the year began. im not all about the being alone thing. don't know what it is. maybe its the fact that im from miami and am petrified that someone will come steal me or something (actually i don't really think it has anything to do w/ miami but it makes me feel better).
so i have a super big procrastination problem. i needed to be reading a book for my humanities class. i had plenty of opportunites to be reading it but couldn't bring myself to do so. take for example, this time right now that i am spending on lj. so...i am doomed to spend my friday night trying desperately to read my stupid book!
im still not sure if my scuba plans will work out. i have to call fri. morning. hope that works out.
i tried to pack for tomorrow when i go home. i got most of it done but i seriously think something is wrong w/ me cuz i get soooo distracted! humph!
well i don't really have time for lj anymore. so...until next time....
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
12:42 pm
so...i got an AMAZING job yesterday and i am SO HAPPY it hurts! its so great its crazy. im really happy everything worked out. that let a lot off my shoulders. its great how when i think things are falling apart somehow they always work themselves out and i know that its just hard to remind myslef of that sometimes. so i start on wednesday and im pretty excited about that.
im here in computer class with maya right now and i can't listen to this guy to save my life! i don't think i really like this keyboard, its not like mine at home. maya's awesome and im glad i have class with her. shes great.
im such a loser, im really happy about going home to go to my orthodontist. no, im not getting my braces off yet. but each appointment is one appointment closer to getting them off. pretty happy abou that.
so this weekend im supposed to go scubadiving with erik for his bday. he doesn't know it yet but im super excited to go! im not sure if its even gonna work out so i have to call the place today. and maybe i'll get to hang with hana. the only thing im sad about this weekend is missing jodies party. i hope it all goes well and that jodie has fun. i wanna hear all about it when i get back! :)
lyndsey called me yesterday to cook together. shes so cute. i couldn't then cuz i had a late class but maybe today. i should call her.
im really happy about this year cuz although its not what i expected at all nor was it what i was used to, it seems to be going quite well. i have money, i have a job, and i've been hanging out with a lot of really cool people. it just sucks when people think bad of you. oh well im happy and thats all that matters. and no matter what happens and whether i go through bad stuff or not i know everthing is ok in the end.

Current Mood: ecstatic
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